Day 227

My diploma (I think this is a diploma?) Was sent in the mail today. It’s finally sunk in that I graduated in December. What’s next? Looking for a job, and if a job doesn’t work out then I’ll go back to school again. Let’s see what happens.

The rest of my day consisted of cooking a lot cause I felt like it, and hanging with Baxter. In the evening after 7pm I took him to the dog park. I’ve decided to start taking him late at night now because during the day he gets a little TOO excited and we end up leaving early because of him misbehaving. At night most of everyone is gone, so he gets to run around and be crazy without me worrying. However, tonight there was a couple and their dog secluded in the designated/gated little dog area. I talked to them and learned that they just adopted their dog and he needed some more time to socialize and calm down around other dogs. So what did we do? Baxter and I came in (both dogs leashed) and we had them socialize together. It was a good practice for both of them and I gave the couple some tips on training. We exchanged numbers and are going to plan play dates for the both of them to practice being social with good behavior. Should be fun!

Baxter finally got to socialize and let out all of his extra energy by running & swimming. He really tired himself out, I’m always glad to see him happy and having fun.

Pictures and Blog: 2/7/17


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