About “No Filter”

“No Filter” is more of a personal project for myself. For a year, I’m going to post a picture once a day, no edits and no filters. “No Filter” also represents the posts where I’ll be sharing things about myself, my thoughts, and my friends so you might learn things about me that my friends don’t even know. Each Picture/Selfie will have a story with it, whether it’s something going on at that point in time or something that I’ve been thinking about, the point is to challenge myself to think more about those moments while practicing my ability to find the beauty in any situation.

It’s a new practice for me, but it’s also a daily update on me finding myself and bettering myself as a person. It’s not really for a real specific reason, but I feel if I actually made this blog it would give me more of an incentive to finish my project, so why not share it with anyone who cares to follow.

If there are any thoughts or things you’d like a picture of (I live in the Houston, Texas area) then please let me know. Other than that, enjoy the ride.


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