Day 365

Here we are day 365…what special thing did I Do?


The blog was a no filter of every day of my life, whether it be mundane or exciting, so I did exactly what I always do: I lived.

A guest gave me a rose at the hotel job today, the red rose is my favorite flower, so of course I took it excitedly. I took off the leaves, cut the stem at a angle, then filled a cup with (good) water to let it sit in. I even put paperclips and a rubber band to make sure it stayed in place. Before that of course I had to do a mini photoshoot.

After work #1 I went to work #2 at Gander. I went to visit and wait on Brenton but I ended up staying to help them close the store. In a few days the store will completely close and I’ll have to look for another part time job or find a full time job. The store is mostly empty now, people are clearing everything out including employees. I’ll really miss working there, for awhile it was my second home, I made good friends there and I even met Brenton there. It may only be a retail store for a short period of time in my life, but it is/was a part of me. Thanks Gander, see you around.

After Gander Brenton and I sat in the car for awhile, just talking and enjoying some time together. We went to Panda Express for dinner and just talked about what was going on and what is planned ahead, just being together is what we really wanted out of the evening. After that we went out ways, I went to pick up Baxter (from his playdate with Israel) and went home.

It was a long day, but it was also a good day. A good day to give to you on the year mark of my blog. I want to thank my friends and followers for sticking with me this long, being there for my ups and downs, my big days, my boring days, my random thoughts, or sincere memories. You and I both got to watch me grow, we got to see how so many things can happen and change in a year, you were there to watch me be brave and step out of my boundaries. You were there for my tears, my laughter, my hopes, and everything inbetween. This sounds like a goodbye, but its not.

I’ve decided that you all should continue following me in my adventure, if you chose to do so. The blog is staying, but, there are changes. I won’t be posting updates on every single day anymore, instead I’ll post highlights of the week or maybe boredom posts of the day. Each title will have its’ own story so no more counting numbers. There will still be adventure, Baxter, me, Brenton, Houston, memories, and everything this blog had before…maybe even some videos to share. I’m going to continue recording my adventure, so now the question is, will you join me?

Pictures and Blog: 6/25/17


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