Day 360 (ish)

I was really excited about Tuesday. I had a very important job interview. It was going well, but we had to do a few tests and I failed one. I felt horrible, this was a good chance and I felt like I blew it. On the way home I was telling myself that things happen for a reason, and then I get a call for another job opportunity. 

I’m not sure if I’ll get the job, but the point is that things can suck for a long time but everything happens for a reason, whether you believe in God or the universe. I was still upset for awhile, but I got to the point where I realized being upset over something that can’t be fixed isn’t going to help anyone. All I could do is move on.

In the evening I got to spend some time with Brenton, he made me feel better and we went to have dinner together at Cici’s (we were craving pizza). The day ended on a good note.

Pictures: 6/20/17

Blog: 6/22/17


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