Day 315 (ish)

I wanted to take the day to rest, considering that my hand is a bit handicapped at the moment, but there was no one to take my place so I had to rewrap my hand and walk it off. It was thankfully a slow night and my hand wasn’t in too much pain, I just have to be careful of straining my hand too much. 

The bottom picture is a man talking to his wife and kids over the computer. He was speaking a different language, but you could tell he was talking to his family, at one point he was counting along with his daughter with who I assume was his daughter. I just thought it was very touching and we take for granted being with our families, I know I do, but it’s things like this that remind you that life is fleeting and you should make the best and appreciate everything you have. Well, not like I got some recent injury that made me think that too, but you know. 

Picture: 5/6/17

Blog: 5/8/17


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