Day 308 (ish)

Last night I had a family of 4 walk in, mother, father, daughter and son. They were very nice and giggly,  smiling and making small talk. They brought in a lot if stuff and are staying for several nights. They came down again to go have dinner and the boy handed me this note. “Thank you for the room. I love it and thank you for the tv so much. And thank you for the beds they feel so nice. Thank you for everything.” It just made me think about how we take for granted the little things we have in our lives, how grateful some people can be, and how grateful we should be for what we have. Whether they’re just moving houses or moving into state, I wish them the best and they’ve humbled me. The little boy was sporting a Houston, Texans jersey last night and he’s sporting it today. Maybe one day he’ll get to go to a game ❤ one day little guy. 

Picture: 4/29/17

Blog: 4/30/17


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