Day 303 (ish)

I was careless yesterday and took no photos despite being out of the house for hours doing errands, so I’ve decided to share with you guys some selfies I took a few days ago, I haven’t shared selfies in awhile.

Yesterday I took my mom to the doctors, took a nap, went to work, went to do business in 7 stores…SEVEN, and I got home. Twas a busy day.

Lately I’ve been really behind on my blogs and I’m ashamed, this blog may be mundane but it’s also one of the things in my life I’ve dedicated myself to. Day 365 is coming soon, I don’t know if I’m going to plan anything, and I don’t know if anything will happen that day, but it’s coming. After my year is up, what am I going to do with the blog next? I don’t know. Hopefully life is better but less busy later on, hopefully I can keep updating you guys, hopefully I can continue growing and building myself as time passes. 

Thanks for everyone who has stayed this long, and thank you anyone who will be joining my blog soon. Let’s see what happens on day 365 when it comes.

Pictures: Replacement for 4/24/17

Blog: 4/25/17


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