Day 299 (ish)

Thursday was a doozy. Started off working, then afternoon went to gander (My first job) with mom so she could see what we had. Brenton and I spontaneously decided to have dinner together after he got off work. On the way there, at a red light, we got rear ended. I was completely fine, but at impact Brenton had pain in his back. After a few minutes the pain got better and now he’s just more sore than anything else, the doctor said he’ll be fine.

Anyways, we went into the parking lot to exchange info and see how everything is. It was much better than expected, we got lucky considering the situation. Police came, we did our business, then we went home. It was a very scary evening but no one got hurt and insurance will cover everything.

Count your blessings guys, you never know what’ll happen. I’m glad Brenton is okay. I love you. 

Bonus: Me stalking Brenton at work. 

Pictures: 4/20/17

Blog: 4/22/17


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