Day 295 (ish)

Easter Sunday! Went to service with Brenton, we enjoyed the museum together, and had a small dinner.

Service/the community was very enjoyable. I had nothing to be scared of and I felt very welcomed, I’m definitely coming back.

I finally got to go to the museum with Brenton, we’ve been wanting to go for awhile, it’s one of my favorite places in Houston to go to. We explored, learned, and had fun. Afterwards we had a small dinner before he took me home, it was a great Easter with him, I’m just sad that soon we’ll be too busy to have another day together like that again. But, I always cherish and enjoy our times together. Love you Mister B ❤️

(Bottom picture is a corn fritter shaped like a heart)

Pictures: 4/16/17

Blog: 4/17/17


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