Day 291 (ish)

Sorry for the extremely late post. Here’s a really out of focus picture of my purses.

For real though, this was the only picture I took on the 12th and I only took it for you guys, so there’s actually a story.

Easter Sunday I’m going to be with Brenton and his family. I go to service/lunch with his people and maybe the museum later with him. It sounds innocent enough, but I’m still scared. This is his family, his community, his friends, his people, what if I mess something up. I know it’s just my anxiety, I just want to fit into his life. We’re both vastly different, from our past to our political views, but we still fit together, I just hope it stays that way.

Anyways, the purses come in because I was (or am) trying to make the perfect outfit for that way. I want to look nice and have fun. I think things will be okay, I’m just always nervous when it comes to Brenton’s other people/family.

Picture: 4/12/17

Blog: 4/15/17


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