Day 277 (ish)

Yesterday was actually a REALLY exciting day. In the morning I went to a career/job fair which actually went okay, but right before I was going to leave we recieved a tornado watch and they forced us to stay in for safety. Everyone gathered downstairs in the hallways for about 20 or so minutes and then the tornado passed so I went home.

Brenton came home from Louisiana on a business trip so he brought me back some gifts ❤️🐊 a gator head and a shot glass. I love both!

In the evening I went to a fashion show with a friend. We missed the fashion part, but there was still enough time for us to network and take advantage of the free drinks. We hung out, caught up; had a heart to heart conversation. Afterwards we took a walk and had dinner together. It was nice hanging out with him, we don’t get that often, and it was nice to go out and have fun.

It was a very eventful day to say the least.

Pictures: 3/29/17

Blog: 3/30/17


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