Day 239 (ish)

Really really late post. Yesterday morning I went to church with dad and got suckered into holding a flag before and after mass. Each flag represents something in the church, I naturally chose the “Youth” one because there are so many memories there. Back then church was a huge part of me. I’d volunteer & be part of the youth community. It had its flaws, but it was my family for a long time when I was alone. Well, now I’ve grown up. Things change I guess.

For lunch my family and I went to Kim Son for a special event. My Vietnamese is bad, but from what I understood it was the event/reunion celebrating our ancestors & the ancestors/generations that came to America. It was a reunion for the older people who came to America together and started a community, but because people split up they decided to make this reunion every year and invite others so they can see each other again and celebrate memories and those who pass. It’s a rough translation but I think you understand. I can’t understand Viet, but I like being part of this event, it helps me connect to my culture.

In the evening I got to have a proper date night with Brenton. We went to a nice bar, ate & talked, then watched Lego Batman together. It was awesome and it’s always great being with him. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

Pictures: 2/19/17

Blog: 2/20/17


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