Day 218 (ish)

Yesterday was a fun filled day. Brenton and I went to a friend/coworkers sons’ birthday party, had fun hanging out and making ribs – then the rest of the day we just spent time together.

Even though we spent about 9 hours together, it wasn’t enough. Because of our schedules and Adulting, we don’t really get to be together, and when we’re together we’re always with people and never alone. It hurts to not have time together, and it hurts even more to say bye and end the little time we do have together. However, we make the best of it, and I’m always grateful for the time that we have. I usually don’t try to talk about us because it’s our business, but this is a problem many couples have, I just want ya’ll to know that if you work together it’ll be okay. Communication and honesty is the key to everything.

I love you Brenton, I hope things get better soon. (P.s – we need to take more selfies together. Much more. Show me off! 😋)

Pictures: 1/29/17

Blog: 1/30/17 (after midnight)


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