Day 202

Had a long overdue date with Brenton, we missed each other. It’s been tough because we’re both busy, but when we’re together all of that isn’t important. ❤️

Alright, time to talk about San Antonio! I went to San Antonio to volunteer for imaging USA, the #1 photography expo that happens all over the US; I was lucky that my first time was so close to home.

It. Was. Amazing. Our room was great. The staff was great. The expo was huge. The area was in walking distance of everything. The closing party was off the hook, I made friends, and I learned a lot.

What’s most important about this trip is that it helped me boost my drive for photography again. I’ve been in a rut for awhile, whether because it was money or lack of time or just being lazy, I wasn’t doing as much as I used to or should be doing… That’s my fault. Now I kind of have a hunger to do more, and that’s awesome. Wish me luck, let’s see how I do.
Pictures and Blog: 1/13/2017


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