Day 185

In the afternoon I got to spend time with Carrie again, helping her find gifts and just having fun with her~

In the evening I met up with some colleagues for an overdue steak night! We laughed, ate, caught up and had fun. Of course, Christmas gifts were exchanged! 

So last year around this time I received a journal from a friend, he’s not in my life anymore, but for awhile that journal was really important to me. Just recently I’ve been starting to let go of things in my past including that journal so that I could start fresh and continue to a brighter future. Today one of my gifts was a pretty little journal that says “Say Yes To New Adventures”. I absolutely love it. I feel like it’s great timing but also a sign. Time to say yes to new and great things for the new year. I’m not sure what I’ll be writing in this journal yet, but hopefully I’ll figure something out great.

Pictures taken and Blog posted: 12/27/2016


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