Day 183 (ish)

Christmas!!! So I spent the morning waiting to hang out with Brenton, poor thing was so tired he passed out. I met his brother, Ethan, while we were both outside trying to wake him up.

Eventually he woke up and Ethan got to show off his bike and they got to talk about it together. After a bit we had Christmas lunch with the Bristers at their house and opened gifts. It was fun being with them!

After lunch I had to meet up with my family at my aunt’s house for Christmas dinner. Of course our food consisted of classic & yummy Vietnamese cuisine for everyone. I caught up with some family members, played with the dogs, and exchanged gifts. 

Christmas was actually very enjoyable, it wasn’t just the food and gifts, but being with those I loved and cared for actually was pretty awesome. A new year is coming up, let’s see what happens the last week of 2016.

Love you guys, and love you Brenton ❤️

Pictures taken: 12/25/2016

Blog posted: 12/26/2016


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