Day 176 (ish)

Yesterday, December 18th, was Brenton’s birthday!! First we went to Chauma Gacha, a Brazilian steakhouse in Houston, the service was amazing and so was the food. This was the first time Brenton had ever been, so I was really hoping he’d have a good time; he absolutely did. Making the people I love smile is what I live for, he deserves to be spoiled.
Afterwards we got his favorite (chocolate & pecan) pie, spent some time together & he opened his present, a custom lightsaber. As you can see he loved that too. We went to watch “Star Wars: Rogue One” with his roommates and then he took me home. He literally got me home at midnight, I don’t know what that means, but I thought it was funny. He’s now 30 and a day.

Happy birthday Brenton, I hope 2017 will be better for the both of us, and I hope you have many great birthdays to come…To spend with me.  😊

Pictures taken: 12/18/2016

Blog posted: 12/19/2016


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