Day 174 (ish)

Such a busy weekend. Ok, first in the morning yesterday I spent some time with Carrie, helping her with her new kitty and hanging. 

In the evening I got ready and headed out to a white elephant party with my friend Brenda, I played pool, discussed where to eat with them for an hour and a half, and just got to know everyone, it was great! 

So, look at bottom picture. While waiting for Brenda I was in front of my mom’s job. This corner may look like it’s just filled with junk, but it’s actually this guys'”spot”. He was sitting there but I made sure to keep him hidden from the picture. This guy works at the market every single day, collecting carts and cleaning up, for as long as I could remember. He works long hours, no A/C, very little English…He does his job though, he’s a hard worker. That little corner is like his office, has all the stuff he needs including water & I assume an outlet because literally his only entertainment is his phone. Years ago he actually had no phone, so a lot of the time he sat by himself. I’m not trying to give him a pity party, but it amazes me how he keeps doing what he’s doing, because like most of us, a job is a job. I don’t know his background, or his family, or anything about him for that matter…But I know he’s a hard worker who adapts to his situation and doesn’t seem to complain. He works with and appreciates what he has, as we all should.

Pictures taken: 12/16/2016

Blog posted: 12/17/2016 (after midnight, so 12/18)


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