Day 169 (ish)

I joined Brenton for breakfast yesterday morning, so he made us some food to eat together. It was very sweet and I guess it felt domestic, I loved it.

I started typing this out last night but was tired so I ended up just going to sleep. Yesterday after breakfast & dishes I helped Carrie get to the hospital, her door slammed into her toe and hurt it really bad. Thankfully no broken bones, but lots of blood beneath her nail, so they had to make a hole for the blood to seep out. (Picture at the very bottom of the blog). We stayed there for a few hours just talking And eating food we got from outside. 5 hours is a long time but since we had each other it felt shorter. She kept telling me that I could go home, but I didn’t want to, I wanted to be there.

I believe in any situation having a friend nearby always helps. After they let us go she took me home and I got some photo editing done from the HCC event a few days ago, it was still early so I thought getting it done now than later would be smart. After that I attempted to post this blog on time and instead I passed out. Eventful weekend!

Pictures taken: 12/11/2016

Blog posted: 12/12/2016


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