Day 164 (ish)

Sorry these late posts are getting a bit confusing. So in the last blog I posted a picture of the baking aisle at Walmart. Monday (December 5th) I took my mom back to the hospital to check up on her fingers. She’s healing well and is going back to work on Friday. She still can’t lift a lot or move too much, but she’s doing very well. Afterwards she and I did some grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, and had lunch together.It was a good morning, then in the afternoon/evening I got to spend some time with Brenton before he went to work. It’s been hard, both of us trying to figure things out professionally on each side then trying to find time to be together, but we make it work, we always do. I just hope things get better later for the both of us.

Yesterday Tuesday (December 6th) it was more calm. In the morning I basically rested at home, cleaning up and trying on my old outfits to see what still fit. In the afternoon I went to my very last class of my degree plan… That means it’s time to graduate and find a job. However, even though I told myself I was done with school, I’m considering going back in the fall to get other certificates and possibly another degree to help me find a good job. I’ve heard though it’s more about what you know and the people you know than how much schooling you’ve had….I have a lot to figure out, hopefully I can make the right decisions soon so I can start my future. 

The picture shown in this blog is from yesterday, my sister was cleaning her room and found this poster from 2006. It was at an anime event, it was signed by the creator and our raffle ticket won us the poster. It’s not popular anymore so I might frame it and keep it for memories. When I look at the poster it gives me a lot of memories from back then. The events, the anime, the people…I miss it a lot, but it’ll always be part of my history. It was a part of my life that is now gone, but not forgotten, at least not until I’m too old to remember. 

It’s sad but amazing to think of what happened in your life back then. The people you met, the things you did, the moments being made… Years can go quickly and moments can seem so far away, but it all happened. If there was a book containing every moment of your life, would you read it? The joy, the pain, the mistakes, the life changing decisions… They’re all in you. In your mind, your heart, and in the wind of the universe. Don’t think you’ve never made your mark on the world, because you do it everyday, so make sure it’s a good one.

Picture taken: 12/6/2016

Blog posted: 12/7/2016 (after midnight, technically 12/8/2016 for you anal folks)


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