Day 161 (ish)

Yesterday was interesting, but in a good way. The photo club had a fundraiser photoshoot, so on the way there I bought some donuts for everyone because it was going to be a long day.

Despite us running around like chickens with their heads cut off, everything went smoothly! I was in charge of the door and time, so I stayed up front to guide people in and is tell them the time every 15-30 minutes so that they could keep on schedule. Even with some people changing the time or coming early, we managed to take care of everyone.

We all bonded a little more and had fun, we also got some practice in real life photoshoot settings, solving problems, and working with others. It was a hectic learning experience.

In the evening we broke down the set and went home, then I passed out early & slept for 12 hours. I think the week caught up to me….or the year. It’s only the beginning of December, but I’m ready to end 2016. It’s been a rocky year with a lot going on, things got better but not without a fight or a few bumps. I had a feeling 2016 was “My year”, but I don’t know how I feel about 2017. Hopefully, that will be the year that everything goes well, but does anything ever really go well? One thing is for sure, I don’t regret this year, and I found something that was worth going through all those bumps and fights for.

Pictures taken: 12/3/2016

Blog posted: 12/4/2016



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