Day 156

On Saturday I cut my finger pretty bad trying to cut open a package, completely my fault, but its healing better than I expected. Kind of reminds me how things aren’t usually as bad as we make them to be; things usually get better.

Today I met Brenton’s parents for the first time. I was having a bad day beforehand so I was really nervous. I think highly of Brenton, so I automatically think highly of his parents, I wanted them to like me especially since I intend to be around for awhile. It went really well, I love his parents and I think they liked me, I can’t wait to know the family more and attend their Christmas party.

Its funny to think about how nervous I was, but I had no reason to be, I guess I just want them to like me. The #1 rule: Be yourself. #2: Give a good handshake.

Bonus photo: Baxter laying on my leg like a weirdo. He’s leaving very soon. I’ll miss Baxter a great deal, he’s a part of me now, so I’ll be losing that part once he’s gone.


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