Day 151

This isn’t a photo I took obviously, it’s a screenshot of a video, but it’s important.

Today is Thanksgiving, 2016. It was an okay day, then it was a bad day and the stress of the week made me break down. I cried. Then I moved on. I’m still stressed and anxious and just feeling rotten, but I know I’ll be okay. I always end up okay.

I’m laying in bed scrolling through stuff as usual and then I run across this video. It’s about Jamie Livingston, a photographer who took a Polaroid picture every day until he died at the age of 41. His loved ones decided to upload all of his pictures online for everyone to see, people are amazed and inspired by his work. His pictures were simple, but they captured everyday, and everyday in any moment can be beautiful and interesting.

I knew I had to share this story/video, and right when this message popped up I screenshot it. “Jamie Livingston showed how art can help us enjoy easy times and weather tough times too”. Even after death Jamie’s photos sent a message. Enjoy the good times, work through the bad, and find beauty in the mundane. That’s what I believe in. That’s the message I wanted to send with my photography and my blog.

The point of this blog and my photography is to help people find the beauty in everyday life and to not be scared of being raw; being honest. It’s for me too, to be more open, and to force myself to see something everyday and share it. I’ve been so stressed lately. So anxious. My health has deteriorated. My body slowing down…but things have gotten better for me too. I started something (the blog) and I stuck with it. Things I would’ve been too scared to share are now out here for everyone to see. I can see the bad memories, but because of the blog I can relive the good memories too, and there are a lot of good memories.

This blog was for me, but it grew, and I’d like to think that one day my work/art will mean something and inspire people too. I need to get back on taking great pictures everyday and living in the little things, going on adventures, and just reaching my potential for myself and my followers.

Thank you for staying this far in my journey with me. I’ll try my best for now on to work on myself and my legacy, whatever it may be.


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