Day 131

Today was a great start to the weekend. Relaxing, trying new things, watching Doctor Strange, shopping and just having a great date.

But no worries, this blog won’t be too short, I actually have a thought to talk about today. If my memory serves me right I’ve posted before about not knowing my potential, well guess what, I kind of know it now..or at least a talent leading to my potential. Generally? I can learn whatever you teach me.

I can’t really absorb information like some people can, I actually have to study and practice certain things, but if I put my mind to it I can learn anything as long as someone teaches me correctly (except math. Math is a killer), and in some cases I can actually be a fast learner. This means I have more possibilities than I originally thought, which is a good thing, but also a bad thing because it’s harder to narrow down what I’d really like to master.

My main focus is being headstrong. I don’t have the determination sometimes, and I put myself down, or sometimes I’m just not interested. In order to reach my potential I need to change my mentality. I need to be stronger, braver; confident and not to mention tenacious. Let’s see how I do, and how long it takes.

Wish me luck.


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