Day 130

FINALLY! A bit of time to tell you guys about my New York Trip! These are all the Polaroids I took (: some are better than others, but I like them all.

It’s not really fresh in my mind anymore…but I’ll tell you guys what I remember. I went to New York for a Photography Expo (PDN, Photo+). I went once last year with some friends, this year I went with a different group of friends because our club worked hard to get the school to accept our trip and help us get there.

It was exciting of course. We flew to NC, then to NY (I hated that, no more of those flights!) From then on we walked/Subwayed our way around NY to explore and enjoy ourselves.

I loved it, honestly I did, but every now and then my anxiety kicked in. My feet aren’t used to that walking, so my legs and feet actually started to physically hurt to where I started to limp. I tried not to complain too much about it, but even then I was the slowest in the group and I felt like such a nuisance. I tried toughing it out, but yeah. 

Another thing was I was going through some stuff with my friends, and near the end of the trip I got some news my dog misbehaved, so unfortunately I won’t be keeping him any longer, he will be soon living with Israel who adopted him with me. I know Baxter will be very happy. It was a lot to process, I ended up secluding myself for a while before everyone was supposed to meet up again and go explore and eat, but of course I didn’t tell anyone what happened (I suppose they know now if they’re reading this). The entire night I just wanted to go to bed and cry, because everything was hitting me at once, but I toughed it out and cried when I couldn’t control it (but no one saw). With all that going on I just felt like shit, then I felt shittier because I was being such a downer in the group, it was just bad timing.

I’m not telling you this to get pity or attention, I’m telling you this because this is what happened, and this blog is dedicated to not filtering my life at times. ALSO, Bad news first…so I can talk about the good news!

Despite everything that happened, the trip was a success, and I hopefully will do it next year. We all met some famous/talented photographers and learned a lot of new things. We even found out that things we learn in class were things the photographers use all the time in their methods, so we weren’t too far to being like the photographers, we just had to practice and learn more. The Expo was huge! There were lots of vendors and artists there, showing off new gadgets or just talking to the guests about their work and some tips on better photography. I ended up spending money but it was an investment towards my camera and work, so I’m rather happy with the things I found and bought.

The Expo was big, but New York was even bigger. We traveled together by walking or using the subway, and of course on the way and at every location we took pictures, because what else would a group of tourist photographers do? I bonded with my colleagues and learned more about photography, I even got to explore parts of NY I wasn’t able to last year, it was a lot of fun and I have lots of memories/souvenirs from that week.

Maybe some bad things were affecting me, but in the end the trip was great and I’m lucky to have went, I enjoyed myself with my friends. Don’t let the bad things ruin the good things for you.


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