Day 109 (ish)

Yesterday I took my mom to the hospital to get an MRI scan for her hand. She’s fine, it’s just a bump they have to surgically remove for her.

As we waited she recalled days when I was younger and in the hospital myself. She remembers everything, and I remembered as she told me parts of those days. She seemed to enjoy herself talking about everything, even the bad memories.

It made me aware of our mortality. It reminded me that as I grow older, so do my parents. It makes me sad to think about it, and I hate the reality that bad things happen to good people. I hate that my hardworking parents get sick and weak. I hate a lot of things about life, and I hate how unfair it can be… But hating isn’t going to do anything.

Life is shitty, So that’s more of a reason to live happily. Enjoy your moments now, before it’s too late.

To lighten the post, here’s a picture of Baxter walking out the store with his new toy.


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