Day 105

I finally got around to organizing the Polaroids that I have and hanging them up! I definitely intend to hang more, but this looks great for the first batch (:

I was really craving some chocolate lava cake today so I went out to my Kroger’s to get some! I noticed though that these two homeless guys and their dog have been living around that little shop center for a very long time. They never bother anyone, they just stick around and see if anyone is generous enough to give them change, I assume the police don’t really bother them either and honestly they have no reason to. Anyways, while shopping I decided to get their dog some food and get them some water and food as well. They were very grateful and as I drove away I watched them dig through their bag to see what they had to eat now.

I’m not sharing my good deed to show off, I’m sharing to let everyone know that it’s not expensive or time consuming to do some good and help other human beings. Taking some time out of your day to help someone in need is enough to make the world a little less crappy. Even if you don’t want to or can’t do anything big, a few cans of food for a hungry person is still something.

Do some good, help a person.


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