Day 100

Day 100. I should’ve done something big and spectacular, but today I did more Adulting which started the day sucky. 

At the station some things happened that included me being ignorant/uninformed about some things and basically I was embarrassed in front of a large amount of people. My anxiety acted up and I was kind of beating myself up over it and letting it get to me. However, my good friend Johnel called and made me feel better. Basically guys it’s okay if you don’t know something, because you can always learn. There’s going to be things you won’t know, but there are things you know that others might not know. With that knowledge (or lack thereof), we as individuals can choose what to do with what we know. We as individuals can choose how to handle a situation when the person or you doesn’t know an answer or subject. If you’re unsure, don’t beat yourself up, take it in stride.

In the evening I went to a park I don’t usually go to with Baxter and Israel.

Just being active and exploring during sunset was great. It was peaceful, no responsibilities or worries getting to me, at least for awhile. There were beautiful sights, and lots to see, so I took pictures of what I thought looked beautiful.

This 100th day isn’t spectacular, but it was still eventful. I hope everyone had a good day.


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