Day 89 (ish

Yesterday I helped take pictures at this thing called the Roula & Ryan Roadshow as part of my internship.

I’m not from around downtown so I’m not used to that area, but I saw lots of different restaurants, bars, people etc etc. I’d love to visit again to experience everything.

The show was fantastic. Lots of laughing and people having fun, food and drinks, behind the scenes content too.

My only annoyance was that everytime I tried taking a photo of someone, they’d see me and pose, even when I told them not to. I’m taking CANDID photos, you don’t have to look at me and smile….I almost started getting mad ha. When you’re having fun guys, just live in the moment. Don’t try and fix yourself, or ask if you look pretty, or worry about how you laugh. Enjoy yourself, let go.


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