Day 85 (ish)

Sorry I didn’t really take pictures yesterday, but this picture of Baxter is too cute not to share.

Today I was thinking about the times we spend with each other. With friends, family, strangers, being surrounded by people is such a normal thing but what about when you’re alone?

When you’re alone it can go a couple of ways. Some people embrace it by running errands, doing a hobby, cleaning up or just relaxing because it’s a rarity. However, some people dread being alone, because it means you are left with your thoughts and yourself. Sometimes being left by ourselves can be scary because the mind wanders and overthinks. We think about our flaws, problems, stress, mistakes, shortcomings… The list goes on.

I used to hate being alone too. It made me feel like there was no point on doing anything. I used to feel I was alone because I deserved to be alone, or that my friends weren’t really my friends, that no one wanted me around because of the things I hated about myself. I’m willing to bet that none of that was the case.

The way we perceive ourselves is different than how other people may see you. Also, being alone isn’t a bad thing, it’s just part of how everyday life goes. You’re going to be alone at some points, but don’t take that moment of being alone as a chance to put yourself down more… You should take the chance to build yourself.

I’ve talked about “being alone” before and embracing it, but this is about being alone and using it to….I don’t know, to be completely honest. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to finish that sentence. Usually I can end a post with some enlightening thought, or some quote, or something to learn from today…but honestly I just wanted to tell you all to not give into your negative thoughts. Don’t sit in your room and think about how no one wants to be with you. Don’t cry because you think you don’t deserve something. Don’t think about taking your life because it feels easier to do so.

Be strong. Don’t give in. If you’re alone, make the best of it.


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