Day 84

The beginning of the day and the end was relaxing, but the middle was hectic.

Started off at the pool with Marie and Brenton, She took the photos today (stole from her snapchat). I haven’t been swimming with friends in awhile so it was fun and felt good. Of course I felt a little insecure in my swimsuit, but honestly the rest of the time I wasn’t focusing on my body…I was focused on having fun. It’s a big step, I used to be really self conscious and I let my low self esteem get in the way, but I’m learning to go past those thoughts and just let go. It’s so much easier than before.

After the pool we were heading home but we got a flat tire. Luckily the spare was fine and we got home safely, but it sucked nonetheless. During the process I realized that even though I get my anxiety moments, I’m able to keep calm for others or in certain situations when needed. A certain someone (Brenton, obviously)  told me today that “Bitching and being angry isn’t going to get the job done any faster. You just gotta get it done and move on”. Great words to go by.

When things go wrong, it’s okay to be upset, as long as you do what you have to do instead of just spending your time complaining. Keep calm and get it done.

P.s- my hair looked great even after the pool.


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