Day 81 (ish)

One of my co-workers was buying this candy and I told him I’ve never had any before. He proceeded to tell me that when he was in high school a long time ago these were really popular, then he made and old joke and gave me some to try.

They were delicious, but I’m posting about them because of his comment about them being popular in high school. After he left I realized that in years to come there are going to be lots of things I won’t remember. I won’t remember that person in class who lent me a pen, I won’t remember a customer who tried to make me smile, I won’t remember co-workers who were there to help me when I didn’t even ask. Our brains can only hold so much I know that, but one of my biggest fears in life is eventually forgetting everything. Who I am, where I’ve been, who I’ve met, I don’t want to forget.

No one wants to forget either, that’s why every moment of every day counts. Photos, videos, letters, laughter, tears, gifts… They’re all a part of your life, they’re all memories to cherish.

It’s inevitable that we’re going to forget a few things, but cherish your memories now, live happily.


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