Day 78 (ish)

Yesterday I didn’t feel like I looked so great. In the mirror I just saw a tired mess, like I needed to go hide my face somewhere, but then I remembered that your perception of yourself in the mirror is different than what the camera sees (because the camera doesn’t lie).

Looking at the phone screen and the mirror at the same time, I saw two different people, and the girl on my phone didn’t look as bad as I thought. Sure my hair’s a mess and I still look tired, but I wasn’t awful like I imagined I was.

Sometimes your perception of yourself isn’t the truth, we’re all so focused on our flaws and how we want to look that it warps how we look at ourselves, most of the time we dont like what we see. The next time you think you look awful, maybe you don’t. It sounds stupid but try taking a good picture of yourself. Not just to see how you look, like really try taking a great selfie and see what comes out, you might be surprised on what will happen. Build your confidence, I believe in you.

On another note, these two pictures happened yesterday too! I got a great gift from someone special (: a knife from France. It’s a simple gift but it actually means a lot. ❤

Part of my lunch was the classic lunchables, pizza! I took a picture because 1: the Pepperoni’s were way too big for these pizzas and 2: it reminded me about living your life the way you want. These are for kids but who cares, they’re fun and (mostly) delicious. Same thing with everything else in life, if it’s enjoyable and you’re not hurting anyone, then why care what society thinks? Live good, be good, give good. Enjoy your oversized pepperoni on your mini pizza.


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