Day 77 (ish)

After work I walked over to target to get some grocery shopping done. I walk past this window and I just thought the darkness and the light looked really interesting. Next time I’ll go inside and take a better picture.

After walking around I stumbled upon the Quaker dinosaur eggs oatmeal!! I haven’t had these in a very long time, I thought they were extinct (ba dum dum tsshhhh), but turns out they’ve been around for buying and I just didn’t know.

You KNOW that I bought myself a box, I couldn’t pass it up, the inner child me missed these wonderful eggs on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons. We’re all so busy with our schedules and Adulting that sometimes the child inside of us gets forgotten, but it’s little memories like these that make me smile and make a long day a little less long.

Keep your inner child awake and active, laughing and smiling everyday really does make a difference, keep a little happiness alive.


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