Day 72

A friend of mine bought me this Polaroid camera that I’ve been wanting for awhile. After figuring out how to put the film in, I was able to take my first awkward picture, which was Baxter staring at me.
Each film pack is only 10 shots, so it’s pretty expensive, but if you appreciate the camera and its’ history then it’s well worth it. At least I hope so ha. It’s always exciting to test out a new toy, whether it’s a camera or a talking stuffed animal, it’s about the little things that keep you going everyday. 

As you grow older everyday starts to be more tiring and mundane, it gets difficult to wake up and do what you gotta do, but if you really pay attention to your surroundings and the people around you then you can understand and appreciate the little things in life that make life worth appreciating.

Don’t let the hard things in life take over the nice things.


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