Day 68

The building lights were reflecting into the sky 😦 but the clouds looked too pretty to not take a picture of.

Have you ever missed someone so much that it hurt? A friend? A partner? Your pet? It’s the type of love that you never want to forget but when you remember it you can feel your heart breaking. How do you deal with it?

Everyone approaches it differently. Some people act out. Some people cry. Some people even go out of their way to forget the feeling and memory all together. However you deal with it, you should also take the time to embrace it.

Something that is important enough to still be in your thoughts is something that was good once, even for a little while. Or maybe you’re missing someone or something currently, it’ll be much more amazing to have them again after your time apart. Either way you should never pretend or wish those memories didn’t exist, they’re a part of your history, and a part of you.

Love all of it. The pain, the love, the tears, the warmth… Take it all in. It’ll hurt, but pain is a part of life; just more proof you’re living.


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