Day 55

I don’t like this picture, mainly because of how I look. I can be insecure sometimes, but I didn’t take any adventurous pictures today despite the fact that I went out with my best friend/bae. So I told myself “Suck it up” and stole this from her snapchat (thanks Marie!)
She’s beautiful isn’t she? We went out because she wanted to spoil me and just spend time with me, so we laughed and talked, and had a great time.

She doesn’t know this, but I guess now she will once she reads this, but sometimes when we’re out I know and feel how they look at us.. Mainly her. Standing next to her I can be insecure but I’ve learned to actually get over it and not care what people think. You see, I don’t care if I get attention in public, I just wondered what people thought once they look at her and then realize she’s out with me. Like a boyfriend wondering why a woman of her beauty is dating them. Then finally it hits me at times: Who freaking cares. I’m out with my best friend and we have a blast together. Most people don’t care and aren’t shallow enough to care about why two vastly different individuals are friends, and usually those who do care aren’t people we would want to associate with anyways.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know I’m beautiful too, but I’m also human who has her moments. This post got way longer than I intended, but this blog is supposed to be about me not filtering my life, and talking about my insecurities is liberating. 

We all have our moments, it’s okay, but remember to never let those negative thoughts and feelings get to you. Own them, work with them, and better yourself.


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