Day 51

Despite being sick and miserable I actually got out of the house to get things done today. 

Of course before that, it was raining, and I went outside to take a couple of pictures. It’s beautiful in my area but right now this weather is flooding Louisiana and it’s devastating. I have family in Baton Rouge and I don’t even know how they’re doing.

Isn’t it strange how many different things happen in one day simultaneously? While I was at the book store someone was at their desk working, or flying to another state, or helping their neighbors get out of a natural disaster safely. As individuals we tend to not think about what everyone else is going through, mostly because our brains would go on overdrive, but also because they’re not our lives to go through.

Everyday you’re surrounded by different people and situations, and they affect us sometimes, other times those lives continue their path and we never think of them again. Could we ever comprehend the different paths our lives can take by different actions we do (and strangers do) everyday? If you follow the theory of infinite universes, could you ever mentally grasp the many different lives you could live? Let alone understand the many ways someone else  can live? 

I know, it’s a lot to take in and I’ve gone on a tangent, but I’ve actually thought about this subject before. The point is, despite what we go through, someone else is going through something too just like you are. So many things happen in our universe everyday and we only experience a fraction of it. 

Isn’t it both amazing and scary? Things could exist out there that you can’t even imagine, and you’re at home minding your own business, writing a blog with rain pattering on your window. Life is complex, strange and wondrous, but we can experience that on our own right here in our individual bubbles.

Think of that next time you’re experiencing something you never thought possible. Think of that when you’re meeting someone new, going on an adventure, or just passing by someone in the store.

We’re all in our own worlds, they just happen to make a really big one when put together, or small if you compare it to the rest of the universe.


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