Day 10 (ish)

Once again a post after midnight, but I’m posting regardless. Hi guys. This is me.

I can see my flaws and some insecurities in this selfie but I know others will see my smile, and guess what, I look pretty darn good in this photo. I don’t mean to sound vain, in fact most days in don’t like how I look, but as I grew older I realize you have to love yourself and own what you got. Guess what, someone out there us going to look at you and desire you,  whether you believe it or not.

To cut to the chase sometimes it’s okay to have an ego. It’s okay to love yourself, to flaunt your looks, to put yourself out there and show the world “Look at me”. It’s okay to share if you’re feeling yourself, because you know damn well others do it all the time, so work it.

Own it.


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