Day 6

It felt like a lazy Saturday so I decided to relax and play a little classic Mario Kart. Not too long later Baxter decided to jump on my bed and snuggle with me.

It was fun, peaceful, and reminded me of childhood. Not my childhood though. This scene was what I always wanted as a child, being home with my dog, playing popular games on a console I could communicate to my friends with. For someone else this scene was something they’ve had for years, and I’ve only just started. It made me think about how vastly different peoples lives were growing up. Whether it be area, the people you’re surrounded with, the toys you had, the people you meet…. Everyone’s history is similar, yet different, but all unique.

You should always remember everyone’s history is different than yours, so their history might have shaped them the way they are now. Take the time to learn from others histories, maybe you’ll learn or hear something new that you needed, then you can pass it on, create a better history for those kids years from now. Don’t forget to rethink your history too though, learn from yourself as well, because no one can learn better from your mistakes than you.


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