Day 5

Today I went to my regular HCC campus to meet up a friend and I also applied for graduation!! One of the most important steps in my life and it took less than 5 minutes.

As I was waiting for my friend I sat in a chair and looked across at our Art gallery. As you know from my previous post, art is very important to me, and this art gallery is one of the things that helped me take a step to going to school for my photography passion. The digital photography poster that adversities the major first made me realize that I wasn’t happy unless I followed my passion. The campus that has an enormous amount of student work on the walls and the art gallery itself is what made me determined to learn more and get my work displayed too. Many factors played in me becoming who I am today and the things I’ve accomplished, but I owe HCC and its’ people everything.

I guess today’s post focuses on the fact that the things you do, small or irrelevant, can actually make a difference to someone else whether it be now or later. The person who made that poster didn’t think “this is going to change someone’s life”, but it did. It changed mine. The man in public on the phone telling his friend why they’re important isn’t thinking someone else needed to hear his words, but maybe the woman next to him needed a reason to keep going. The little girl who compliments a teens’ colorful hair isn’t thinking that her small acceptance can mean the world, but it does. Everything you do, everywhere you go, has some type of impact to the universe whether it be small or big. Never think that what you’re doing has no point, you never know what could happen.


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