Day 2

Day2Fun fact about me, I am a photographer (in training), as in at this point in time I am still going to school for photography but will be graduating soon enough. Whether I actually find a job after graduating depends on time…and luck…and work….and a lot of other factors.

Anyways, back to the photo. I’m known for taking Macro/Detail photography because I enjoy looking at the little things people miss everyday, so I happened to notice this little leaf on our lawn as I was walking my dog. I took about 10 or so photos before being happy with this one. At first I was squatting down on the sidewalk just focusing on the leaf in the grass but I wasn’t happy with the photos. After a few more shots I realized that the angle and framing just wasn’t right whether I zoomed in or out or moved to the side.

In the end I put one knee on the wet concrete (it was raining today) and knelt down closer to the wet grass and started to get my shots. I’m wearing shorts so my knee was hurting and I started to get dirty, but it was worth it to get the shot I was happy with, and sure enough I got it. That wasn’t so bad, usually I have to lay all the way down on my stomach to get the shots I want, so I was lucky today.

As I walked back inside I remembered something one of my professors told us. “If you don’t like what you see, try moving around, don’t stay in one spot.” It obviously makes sense for photography, you move until you see what you like and you take a picture, but I also like to think that people can use that mindset in life too. I’m at the age where people are still trying to figure out what they want, or who they are, or what to do with their lives right now. Some people feel stuck, and in most cases it takes time for them to move from their situation, but in other cases isn’t it possible that all a person has to do is change their perspective/mindset in order to have the change they’re looking for? Can a person change their entire view by just moving to the side or getting into a weird position for their shot? Even if the person has to be uncomfortable, dirty; maybe even painful situation, wouldn’t the change be worth it as long as you get what you’re looking for?

Staying in one spot might be comfortable, but when was the last time you got down on your stomach and tried a new angle?


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