Day 1

IMG_7285This picture actually wasn’t taken today, it’s a photo I’ve been meaning to upload but I’ve been too lazy. A good friend of mine gave me both of these charms as a gift from a place called Bedrock City Comics. Usually when people think of me they don’t think of unicorns and cute stuff, but in this case he did. He sees me as the fun, bubbly, cute and just colorful.
It made me realize that almost everyone we meet has a different opinion when they think of us. Some of my friends see the serious and quiet me, and others see the fun and outgoing me, but at what point does all of your characteristics equal to “you”? Being as complex as humans are, can we simply take our characteristics, morals, opinions, emotions and compress it into one zip folder named “You”? Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves as much as people think they know us, and in some cases we learn something new about ourselves every day. At what point can you define yourself in one paragraph? In one page? In one book? Is it as complicated as I make it sound? Or is it as simple as we’d wish it to be?
In the end, our opinion of ourselves usually differs from the opinions people have of us…so are you happy with those opinions?


One thought on “Day 1

  1. Good questions, which, for me, brought up more questions. I know that I can get super frustrated on occasion trying to defend myself against someone’s perception of me… But should I? Is their perception the “real” me? Can our differing assessments co-exist?

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